domestic Laundry Services

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Shirt Service

We use a time served American ‘Unipress’ shirt machine that uses two steam heated plates that close around a form wearing the shirt to be pressed, the form inflates – pressing your shirt against the highly polished stainless steel plates. The combination of the moisture from the wet shirt, heat and pressure gives a crisp paper like finish to your shirt. Collar and cuffs are pressed using heated plates to ensure stiff collar and cuffs.

Shirts are normally hung on a wire hanger and either bagged in our plastic garment covers or we can supply a proprietary breathable shirt bag. We can also fold your shirt either packing as a set or packaging separately – as if you had just purchased a new shirt. Talk to our counter staff about the various packaging options we have available to you.

Duvet & Household Cleaning

Our duvet and pillow service is very well used!! From an errant animals (we get lots of those ) to a seasonal spruce, we have large capacity washing machines – up to 100kg capacity, and dryers which properly wash your duvet. We use commercial oxygenating detergents to ensure your duvet is sanitised and cleaned properly, we then dry your duvet in a large capacity dryer to ensure the loft and bounce returns to your duvet, just as if it were brand new, then package in a handy – breathable storage bag.

The same care an attention is used when cleaning throws, eiderdowns and bedspreads. Some items require a less aggressive approach and a smaller machine with less mechanical action is used, we are fortunate enough to have a 32kg Miele Wetcare washing machine at our disposal, a computer controlled washing machine, that allows us to adjust the washing parameters to suit the items in the load. You can always be assured we will try our utmost to properly wash your household items to the best of our ability, ensuring great results and minimal risk.