Specialist Cleaning Services

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Wet Cleaning

Miele Wetcare® Process is very gentle on textiles made from delicate fibres such as angora, cashmere, pure new wool and silk. Wet Cleaning is also suitable for Suedes,
Leathers, Sheepskins, Ugg Boots and Motorcycle Leathers. This process utilises truly green, safe biodegradable detergents to gently clean fabrics, previously only cleanable
in solvents.

The marriage between beautifully engineered Miele washing machines, wetcare detergents and a comprehensive suite of programs ensures outstanding cleaning results
everytime. Energy efficient cleaning at 20°c, coupled with extremely low water usage means the Wetcare process is the most environmentally friendly cleaning process
available boasting the ‘Blue Angel’ seal of approval for benefits to environment.

As traditional dry cleaners, we love it!!! Stains that previously were troublesome through any dry cleaning process are easily removed, Textiles retain their brilliance, have a
fresh and pleasant smell as well as bounce and handle – garments are truly clean.

This is a cleaning system that is revolutionising the dry cleaning industry, coupled with state of the art tensioning and pressing equipment we can provide you with
outstanding results, from day to day wear to expensive vintage garments we would have been hesitant to dry clean. Talk to our counterstaff to enquire if your garments can
be cleaned using the Miele Wetcare° process.

Fire & Flood Restoration

Our experience in flood and fire restoration has assisted many customers to return some normality in their lives. We have restored clothing stocks for a prominent local independent retailer after flood damage, restored individuals clothing and bedding after tragic home fires and the floods of 2015 and have employed our experience after our own catastrophic fire in 2019, restoring 90% of our customers smoke damaged items.

We will give you an honest appraisal of your belongings, whether they are recoverable, if they will withstand the restoration process, the costs and itemize in a manner in which a loss adjuster will understand and use to approach insurers for their approval to proceed. We work directly with the insured, the uninsured, loss adjusters and clients who want their cherished items restored to their former glory. At our processing unit we also have the ability to store up to 1000sqft of restored items whilst your property is made safe and renovated after your catastrophic event.